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About us

SWISS MERCHANT INVESTMENTS: an extremely dynamic and a strong international presence, with prestigious distinguished traits and endowed with a particular methodological innovation with which it tackles each project submitted as part of its competences.

Consultants can realise the needs of their customers, being above all aware of the opportunities and threats posed by the rapid change of the economic system around the world which are generating more and more in the short term, ready to face any kind of problem.

Professionals are able to use all of their energy that big changes require. They are so highly qualified to be able to interact independently in any region of the world, without relying on any expensive structure.
They are so highly specialized to be able to commit to the best decisions and reach the best solutions and practices in a short time.

With offices in Lugano and Geneva, SWISS MERCHANT INVESTMENTS has developed a methodology for the analysis of needs and business assumptions for its customers, so as to enable it to fully use the skills that make then delegating the various aspects of the individual business units.